Pink Flamingo Bird

Non-woven wallpaper Flamingo Bird Simple Watercolor Home Decor

Non-woven wallpaper Flamingo Bird Simple Watercolor Home Decor

Non-woven wallpaper Flamingo Bird Simple Watercolor Home Decor    Non-woven wallpaper Flamingo Bird Simple Watercolor Home Decor

High quality image, vivid colors. Colorfast thanks to its UV protection.

Can be applied on painted walls. Digitally printed, with matte finish. Comes with special glue and instruction manuals.

Non-woven wallpaper Flamingo Bird Simple Watercolor Home Decor. Are made of a special blend of natural and synthetic fibers, which makes them breathable. This wallpaper impresses with a high resolution printout and vivid colors, which do not fade over time. Its biggest advantage is that it does not cause any problems when putting up. It is easy to put up on the wall. It is tear-resistant and does not break during installation. It has a smooth surface that does not absorb glue, which protects the pattern from deformation. Photographic wall murals are designed to be viewed from approximately 2 m away. Up close you may notice a slight blur, this is standard with all photos when enlarged to such dimensions and not a quality defect. We only use the highest resolution images to ensure the sharpest pictures possible. The item is made freshly and specially for you. Seamless patterns repeat ever 60cm / 23.5.

Please note that various manufacturers use different settings for their computer screens. Therefore, the colors of the delivered pictures may differ from the colours displayed on your screen. Vintage is a style that blends the past with the present - it is about going back to the roots by bringing back the characteristic elements of the interior design of the past. Opposing current trends, it emphasizes the unique and individual character of the space.

Inspired by the history of design, VINTAGE WALLPAPERS make numerous references to classic patterns that draw on past trends. When we think about beauty, one of the typical things that come to mind are flowers - the fantastic works of nature that keep delighting us with their extraordinary forms, countless colors and marvellous smells. They are a true pleasure to our eyes, our nose... They are the most beautiful decoration you can think of and always make a good gift. Add some magic to your nursery!

Make childhood more fun and colorful with Kid's collection wallpapers. It is a combination of shapes, motifs, patterns, flowers, animals, toys and a lot more! Express the individuality of children and have fun! Dots, spots, polka dotted, chequered, squares, triangles, stripes straight or not, something that makes sense and something completely abstract...

Our range of PEEL AND STICK PATTERNS WALLPAPERS offers a wide variety of geometrical shapes and an abundance of ideas on how to turn a seemingly simple and unattractive object into an unusual wall decoration. Exceptional color intensity is achieved through the use of dyes with the latest nanotechnology! We do not use solvent inks! That is why our products are extremely durable and have no harmless impact on health. Born and raised in the Hamburg area, Germany.

I love to travel and my head is always filled with great ideas. I've always adored everything on my walls and would daydream that someday I could open a wall murals shop. Feel free to drop us a message at anytime.

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Non-woven wallpaper Flamingo Bird Simple Watercolor Home Decor    Non-woven wallpaper Flamingo Bird Simple Watercolor Home Decor