Pink Flamingo Bird

JOSE TRUJILLO Pink Flamingo Expressionist Abstract 9x24 Tall Acrylic Painting

JOSE TRUJILLO Pink Flamingo Expressionist Abstract 9x24 Tall Acrylic Painting
JOSE TRUJILLO Pink Flamingo Expressionist Abstract 9x24 Tall Acrylic Painting
JOSE TRUJILLO Pink Flamingo Expressionist Abstract 9x24 Tall Acrylic Painting
JOSE TRUJILLO Pink Flamingo Expressionist Abstract 9x24 Tall Acrylic Painting
JOSE TRUJILLO Pink Flamingo Expressionist Abstract 9x24 Tall Acrylic Painting
JOSE TRUJILLO Pink Flamingo Expressionist Abstract 9x24 Tall Acrylic Painting
JOSE TRUJILLO Pink Flamingo Expressionist Abstract 9x24 Tall Acrylic Painting
JOSE TRUJILLO Pink Flamingo Expressionist Abstract 9x24 Tall Acrylic Painting

JOSE TRUJILLO Pink Flamingo Expressionist Abstract 9x24 Tall Acrylic Painting    JOSE TRUJILLO Pink Flamingo Expressionist Abstract 9x24 Tall Acrylic Painting

If there is something (anything) you don't like about the painting or are not fully thrilled; just let me know and I'll take care of it for you immediately. That is my Iron-Clad Guarantee! I stand behind my work with pride.

If you had the opportunity to go back in time and get an original painting by Monet before he was world-famous, would you do it? Well, here's your opportunity! Artist Jose Trujillo: a modern Monet. Jose Trujillo is an impressionist painter of rare talent, a prolific painter whose landscapes, seascapes and still lifes are a dreamy, fantasy of colors.

His brushwork is impeccable and we think he is to be collected now before his prices skyrocket and galleries, collectors and museums take notice, which they are sure to do. Bill Tomicki, former vice president of Sotheby's and Tiffany & Co. A One-Of-A-kind Original Painting by Impressionist Artist JOSE TRUJILLO. Graphite and Acrylic on Paper. Ask me about framing for this piece!

Framing options and matting always available. A Certificate of Authenticity signed and dated by the artist is included with this painting to guarantee its provenance. Certificates of Authenticity are documents that accompany artwork and are used to verify the genuine nature of an artwork.

These documents become especially important as artwork appreciates in value. I love painting and I believe that high-quality artwork should be available to everyone! VERY IMPORTANT: is the style of painting that I do.

I use loose brushwork and heavy layers of bright paint (also know as Impasto) to create the image before me. It is a very difficult style to master and it has taken me many many years to perfect my own take on the style. The paintings may appear fast, under-worked, or too fuzzy to the untrained eye, but to those who understand and what it takes to paint this way - will recognize the jewels that I'm offering here. Please google; Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, and Plein Air Painting to get a better understanding on my artwork.

It is a very special style and method of painting! Also, google; Monet, Renoir, Alfred Sisley, Cezanne, Van Gogh, and Gauguin to get a deeper understanding or my artwork. This is a one-of-a-kind Original Oil Painting.

There is only this painting in the world. Contact me for available sizes to get a quote.

Check out my art on YouTube. Heres what a prestigious travel newsletter has to say about my artwork.

VOGUE Magazine called ENTREE the Rolls Royce of travel newsletters. READ THIS: Travel by ENTREE blog. Is the editor and was the former vice president of and Sotheby'sTiffany & Co. Trujillo has been called a modern Monet. His exquisite, smaller studies are created en plein aire, larger ones in his studio so they can be carefully reworked as needed.

Born in Guadalajara, Mexico in 1982, his first inspirations were the elaborate architectural designs of Spanish Baroque cathedrals he saw as a young boy. At the age of nine, the Trujillo family immigrated to the United States and landed in Tucson. Jose sketched casually as a young man without any formal training. When a large print of Monets Water Lilies at Giverny ignited his passion to seriously paint, Trujillo began actively studying art.

His days were spent observing nature and visiting museums. Today he works full time from his Tucson studio.

The result is an extensive body of work from a talented original artist of quality whose vibrant colors and bold brush strokes are magical gems. His paintings are a new form of Impressionism; a breed between abstraction and realism which seeks to go deeper into the experience of painting; where the artistrather than merely focusing on the aesthetics to represent the landscapetries to capture and convey the feeling he receives from it. This approach results in a more profound experience where the landscape is captured in its core essencewith all senses and thru a multitude of emotions, and portrayed on the canvas thru means of vibrant colors expressed in a spontaneous, dramatic, and exciting manner. This is what makes a Jose Trujillo original a truly unique work of art. Most Trujillo paintings say so much with little apparent effort.

Others are carefully constructed with flowing lines and structure. Some are so subtle they appear to be unfinished. Read what one of my most valued Trujillo art collectors has to say about her experience of owning my artwork. Why I Collect JOSE TRUJILLO. I feel sometimes that Im in a race, a crazy race to gather up as many of Tucson impressionist Jose Trujillos prized gems of art as I can manage before I die. Before the rest of the world wakes up and realizes how gifted he is.

Before the prices for his work soar far above my lower middle-class reach. My favorite oils to collect are Joses still lifesflowers fluttering at times as mere suggestions in light and shadow, explosions of color and movement, all stems and blossoms and leaves, bursting well beyond their simple gilded frames. His paintings are beautiful: moody or serene (Early Impressions), conveying texture, emotion (Shady Shadows). Since I began collecting over the past months Ive seen his work evolve, and grow, and become even more enchanting and resplendent with time as hes gradually finding his young artists voice. In my view, he is already a master at plein air expressionist landscapes conveyed in natural settings, of wistful or furious cloud formations, of brilliant kaleidoscopic sunsets.

How many shimmering White Roses in a Vase (or, for that matter, Pink Roses, Pink Roses I and Pink Roses II) should one woman collect, I wonder? I dont quite know, but surely next spring, or next winter, or the year after that, there might be even more gorgeous white (or pink, or whatever) roses against a mutable backdrop I must strive to possess. Some weeks, I feel, Jose may be struggling for a different angle, or thinking about simpler forms or a new splash of color in eucalyptus trees seen just so from a distance, as I might be challenged by yet another potential Trujillo landscape acquisition as his style mutates. He could be transitioning into a new period, like the riverbank scene so peaceful and Seine-like in Early Reflections.

He may try something completely new with his brushes, perhaps using less emphasis over therejust a smear of paintor a heavier hand, or more detail here in his tiny abstract petals, or an entirely fresh color palette to explore as in the lavender blues in Desert Meadow, or in Happiness, a riot of imagination in a huge vase, or the insane application of lemon yellows and purples in a brilliant field bursting with radiance that I recently acquired. But then what follows suddenly is a naif wave of magical forest whimsy, like dancing tree trunks reminiscent of Van Gogh or Klimt (Blessed Morning), and bursts of pigment so magnificent and opposing you want to cry (as in one of my absolute favorites which I gave my son Daniel at Christmas, the large Oath to My Mother). Jose makes it look simple but I assure you it is not. I cant duplicate him or his sometimes pointillistic style (Whispers of Light). As a novice oil pastel painter myself, Ive longed in my daydreams to fly out to Arizona to watch Jose create in oils as he communes with nature, or fly him here to Texas for a May gardening workshop on imagination to talk about and demonstrate his work. He is that good, and that inspiring. In short, I yearn to learn at the side of this young artist. I want to be his forever friend. Without interviewing Jose on the subject, it appears that he has produced in recent years nearly 3,000 original pieces in varying dimensions, each one, Im sure, unique and reflective of his vision. But really, there is no mystery to his exquisite madness.

His careful (but most times apparently carefree and rapid) brushwork lifts what he observes in his natural settings, in his artists glowing and abundant heart and, beyond that, in his minds perceptive eye, and deposits it on canvas before him in such haste, such as in a vivid pink and orange marshland reflection (Abstract Sunset), or along a stand of swaying magenta tree tops, or upon a rising, flickering silvery moon (Moonlite Inspiration), as though he might forget in an instant what he was about to say. Jose as a painter on canvas is much like a poet searching for that precise, but dazzling, description on paper before it evaporates. After all, such is the essence of a true impressionist artist: capturing that fleeting, shining moment as it lies before you, as in Monets masterpieces, for all eternity. For anyone seriously contemplating a delightful and ultimately satisfying experience in collecting original art I say, without hesitation, no matter where you may live, consider Tucson impressionist Jose Trujillo as your source. He is like the happiest of addictions.

Right now, Joses oils are still wildly affordable to the average consumer, to one who appreciates having a little (or a lot of) beauty to behold. As addictions go, the lingering aftereffects for the user of his blossoming talents are so much more alluring, more pleasurable, more filled with imagination and wonder, and more enduring to experience than anything else. In the end, youll have a beautiful painting before you to admire indefinitely on your wall. Ive taken some of mine to the office to display, and you wouldnt believe the attention his paintings generate.

I feeland I dont know exactly whysomehow comforted being surrounded by his handcrafted work. Most importantly, as a gift to share now or as a treasure to hold close forever, an addiction to beautiful little gems of art by any artist, any at all, or by those so lovingly created by Jose Trujillo, is a source of lasting smiles and well-being and genuine, heartfelt appreciation all around. And not, fortunately, a source of guilt. And thats a good thing. Here's what another valued collector has to say about owning my artwork.

I cannot come up with words to express why I collect Jose Trujillo and what it means to me, because it just means everything to me it is just plain home to me. So glad I started adding your still lifes to my collection -- Love them! Even better than in the picture.

Beautiful piece, lovely frame, excellent service! I'm collecting Trujillo now before his work reaches the thousands it deserves. Jose Trujillo is an exemplary eBayer! Even more beautiful seeing it in person!

Contrast of colors is so vivid. Thank you for the beautiful painting.

I received it so fast too! Very carefully packaged, I'm extremely pleased. Love your paintings Never disappointed Excellent service. Please look at his work!

The photos are great but the paintings are 1000 times better!!! My painting looks terrific in the frame. Great to work with you.

Beautiful artwork, exactly as described. One of my all time favorite sellers!! Jose is a pleasure to work with.

Arrived VERY quickly and exactly as described! My home is quickly becoming a Jose Trujillo art gallery!

This looks amazing hung in our home office! CANNOT STOP LOOKING AT IT!! The paintings are better in person. Talent oozes from his very pores!

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  • Size: Medium (up to 36in.

  • Region of Origin: US
  • Artist: Jose Trujillo
  • Style: Minimalism
  • Listed By: Artist
  • Quantity Type: Single-Piece Work
  • Painting Surface: Paper
  • Medium: Acrylic
  • Date of Creation: 2000-Now
  • Original/Reproduction: Original
  • Signed?: Signed
  • Main Color: Multi-Color
  • Features: Signed
  • Width (Inches): 9
  • Color: Multi-Color
  • Subject: Birds
  • Originality: Original
  • Height (Inches): 24

JOSE TRUJILLO Pink Flamingo Expressionist Abstract 9x24 Tall Acrylic Painting    JOSE TRUJILLO Pink Flamingo Expressionist Abstract 9x24 Tall Acrylic Painting